Dotout Skin Jersey - Fietstruien (korte mouwen)

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The Dotout Skin Jersey is a breathable piece of apparel that puts delivering perfect performance at the forefront of its talents. The one-piece preformed anatomic fabric is made to a tubular construction that sits astonishingly close to the skin for the best aero ride, but it’s made to a super-stretchy design with cuff grippers, which means the tight fit doesn’t feel uncomfortably compressive and you get complete freedom of movement. A gripper in the waist also helps to keep everything in place and clings on to a pair of shorts for dear life. Technology placed throughout also makes the Skin Jersey a great modern choice for all sorts of cycling, from casual Sunday runs in the sun to tarmac-tearing time trials. The full-length front zipper gives you extra ventilation options as and when they are needed remains hidden thanks to dual piping, bolstered by a self-locking tab and lasered zip garage. In the back, three pockets are available for your essentials, one of which is Dot Safe, which makes it fully waterproof and reflective, while a non-stretch fabric inserts prevents damage to the pockets. You’ll get complete comfort throughout too thanks to the intelligent seam placement, which is particularly effective around the raw-cut collar with no overlapping seams. All in all, the Dotout really have created the full package.


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