Dotout Huricane Jersey - Fietstruien (korte mouwen)

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Blasting in from Dotout’s work with the pros, the Hurricane Jersey is a cool and stylish choice for all types of riding during the warm summer months. It’s made from wonderfully light microfibre which allows high amount of cooling air to flow around the torso, and a full-length zip allows for further ventilation options should they be needed at any time. As a result, it’s a versatile bit of kit to keep you feeling good, whether you’re getting some gentle exercise on a Sunday and tearing up the tarmac in a time trial. With the Hurricane, you get a great fit too. Appliqued nonslip elastic sits within the waist gripper which holds onto your shorts for dear life, while further grippers in the sleeves keeps things in place without being compressive. In addition, the raw cut collar is enormously comfortable against the skin, three pockets on the back take care of your essentials, and reflective logos help to keep you safe and seen. If you’re looking for a little more speed and excitement in the saddle, trust in Dot Out to support you through every wheel roll.


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